Advanced, Wireless Enterprise Networking Architectures

After the wired infrastructure at the "head end" of your local network is in place as described in our "Advanced, Wired Enterprise Networking Architectures" Section, you are ready to add and manage wireless or "WiFi" functions, permitting you to access the Internet from the convenience of a Laptop, Notebook, or Netbook PC. You'll roam about the house, office, and backyard without restriction, with the full power of the Internet at your fingertips. The video clips on this page describe the most basic methods of adding WiFi features to an existing, wired infrastructure, on the assumption that your ISP has NOT provided you with an all-in-one "Wireless Residential Internet Gateway" box. Two methods are described:

You can see a further example of these basics with a visit to the "Wireless" area of our "Networking Fundamentals" section.

If you're already beyond these basics, or if your ISP did provide you with one of those "all-in-one" devices that already supports WiFi, then you can skip these clips by clicking on the "NEXT" box below. Otherwise, watch all of these clips: