Wireless Ethernet Bridges, Continued

Not all Wireless Ethernet Bridges are created equal. Once it's set up, the most basic Wireless Ethernet Bridge acts just like a long Ethernet cable, and it has just one Ethernet connector. It is commonplace to add an Ethernet Switch to these devices, so you can connect it to several computers. As we saw in the previous clips, some Wireless Ethernet Bridges include a built-in Ethernet Switch, and that's a Good Thing. If your general-purpose Wireless Ethernet Bridge came with just one Ethernet connector, you can probably add one or more Ethernet Switches or Ethernet Hubs to expand it, and you'll have great flexibility as you do.

However, some Wireless Ethernet Bridges have been purposely "crippled" so that they can never be expanded beyond a single Ethernet connector. These are generally marketed as "Game Adapters", intended for use with a single gaming console device (such as "X-Box" or "PlayStation").  Because so many of the popular gaming console devices make no provision for WiFi, they can't be accessed without an Ethernet cable unless an external WiFi-to-Ethernet adapter is attached, and manufacturers want you to buy several for your gaming room, so they paid their engineers to add extra logic to prevent their use with more than a single Ethernet device!

The video clips on this page and on subsequent pages introduce these concepts and show you exactly how to get it working.