Class "C" Commercial-Grade Internet Services.

This is the third movie in our Internet series, and it explains the historic basis under which most small businesses used to get more Internet interfacing and addressing power than they ever needed.

Small businesses can purchase a "Class C" Internet connection, resulting in very powerful Internet access supporting as many as 253 separate computers and address space for more than 33 million client or server processes. This 8-minute video uses narration, diagrams, animations, and photos to describe the components and features of a Class "C" Internet connection, and introduces the possibility of purchasing a less expensive, less powerful connection for more basic needs.

This movie continues building an excellent foundation and introduction for anybody that wants to know how their Local Area Network works, and for people studying to learn the most basic concepts needed to pass any of these certification exams:



This video is no longer available by itself for purchase, but it is available as a component of our "Networking Fundamentals DVD".


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