Dynamic DNS: Assigning Your Network a Permanent Name on the Internet ( DDNS )

This is the tenth movie in our Internet series, and it explains how you can give a permanent Internet name to your local network.

If your home office or small office network hosts any server processes, (game servers, Internet voice servers, web servers, etc.) then you will want to advertise your Internet address to the community of interested users. If your Internet Service Provider uses the popular "Dynamic Address" scheme, then your public Internet address will change from time to time. Rather than advertising a different numeric Internet address every time it changes, you might want to use the "Dynamic DNS" system to give your network a permanent name on the Internet, which you can then advertise just once. This 12-minute, narrated movie uses extensive animation, photos, and digital movies to explain how this is done.

This movie continues building an excellent foundation and introduction for anybody that wants to know how their Local Area Network works, and for people studying to learn the most basic concepts needed to pass any of these certification exams:



SORRY! This clip is no longer available by itself. However, it is still available as a component of our comprehensive "Networking Fundamentals DVD". CLICK HERE for information!