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To start this all off, I set up both machines side-by-side on a roomy table, and I allowed both of them to boot up Microsoft’s well-known Windows XP operating system, displaying a desktop in the usual manner.

You can learn more about these Ethernet connectors here on by downloading (from our Ethernet Series) our movie entitled “Ethernet Evolved.”

I wanted to make sure that the hardware interconnection of this Local Area Network was mindlessly simple and dirt cheap. And although I could have used an Ethernet Hub and a pair of patch cables, or those cables along with an Ethernet Switch, as described in the two movies here on with those titles, I decided instead to use a crossover Ethernet cable.

You can learn more about crossover Ethernet cables and other types of Ethernet wiring here on with our movie entitled, “Ethernet Cables.”

Once I had all of the pieces set up as described and illustrated above, interconnecting these two machines was a simple matter of connecting one end of the crossover cable into the side of the Hewlett Packard machine, and then stretching the cable behind to the back of the Compaq machine and plugging in the other end of the cable to that second Ethernet interface.


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