This is the third in our Ethernet series.

Ethernet cables come in a variety of lengths and colors. More importantly, different "categories" of ethernet cables have been developed over the years. Some of these can handle high-speed Ethernet at 100 Megabits/second, while others are limited to the older 10 Megabits/second standard. Some cables are configured to connect a PC with a router, hub, or switch, while others are configured to directly interconnect two PCs or two hubs. Some support "double bandwidth" with simultaneous full-duplex transmission from both ends, while others do not. This 9.5-minute video will help you make sure that the cables you select are able to extract the maximum performance from your modern equipment.

This movie continues building an excellent foundation and introduction for anybody that wants to know how their Local Area Network works, and for people studying to learn the most basic concepts needed to pass any of these certification exams:


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