Ethernet For Beginners (15 Minutes)

This is the first in our Ethernet Series

An Ethernet works like a rope stretched tightly between 2 springs. People could use that rope to send messages to one another by grasping it with one hand and tugging on it, pulling to the left or to the right to send binary bits. Ethernet protocols are based on the experience of telegraph operators, who developed a natural and intuitive etiquette for identifying one another and taking turns transmitting messages on a shared wire. Through simple analogies, diagrams, animations, and historical references, this video helps beginners understand how old-style Ethernet works, and introduces the vocabulary necessary to purchase Ethernet equipment.

Viewers will learn three fundamental concepts:

    1: How Ethernet hardware transmits binary bits

    2: How Ethernet messages include and interpret addresses

    3: How Ethernet transmitters take turns so that they do not interfere with one another.

This 15-minute movie provides an excellent foundation and introduction for anybody that wants to know how their Local Area Network works, and for people studying to learn the most basic concepts needed to pass any of these certification exams:


This video is no longer available by itself for purchase, but it is available as a component of our "Networking Fundamentals DVD".


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