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Thank You! We are gradually converting all of our movies into a series of short, free, low-resolution, advertising-supported segments. At present we have published 24 comprehensive video "Episodes", each divided up into several short "Segments". Most segments are about 2 minutes in length, but this ranges from 30 seconds to about 5 minutes. When you click the button labeled "Next" below, you'll be taken directly to the home page of our advertising-sponsored "E-Zine", and you'll be able to browse articles and movies interspersed with relevant advertisements. You'll find a helpful index along the left edge, beneath a Google Search tool that's been specially optimized for people seeking information about LANs, WANs, networking, and Internet components. You can also use our Google Search tool to search this web site, and that's a great way to find things here.

You'll want to make sure your computer's speakers or headset are turned on, because all of our movies are fully narrated. Because these movies are done in a low-bandwidth, low-resolution format for your Windows Media Player, you'll want to view them in a small window.

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