NAT Routers Part 1: Client Firewalls

Segment 9: The vocabulary of "Ports"

Before we conclude this move on basic hardware NAT router firewalls in behalf of client processes, we should say a little bit about vocabulary.

Throughout this movie, we have been referring to communicating software inside your PC as "processes", or as complementary processes inside the NAT router. We have referred to TCP numbers and UDP numbers when speaking of these processes.

In the industry, it is commonplace to use the word "Port" instead of "Process", and you'll often hear about processes named "port such-and-such" (for example "port 80" or "port 2020", or "port 3000". Sometimes these port references are more specific. They may say, for example, "TCP port 80" or "UDP port 1645".

Don't be confused when you hear or read these references to "ports". Interpret the word "port" as a process, referenced by a number as we have been doing in this movie, and you'll be able to understand what is going on very easily.


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