NAT Routers Part 2 (Continued)

Episode 10 Segment 7

If your local PCs are running Microsoft's - "Windows" - operating system, then it is very easy to configure an ethernet interface to request and use an IP address automatically via DHCP. From "Control Panel", click on - "Network and Internet Connections", then - "Network Connections". A list of all of your network interfaces appears. Select the one that best corresponds with the ethernet interface that you have connected with your router (usually it is named - "Local Area Connection").

That will immediately display a new frame named - "Local Area Connection Properties", with a list of associated modules under a heading that says: "This connection uses the following items:". From that list, select - "Internet Protocol TCP/IP".

A new frame entitled "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties will appear. From the prominent - "General" - tab, select - "Obtain an IP address automatically", and then click - OK. Close all of the open frames one by one until your desktop is displayed in the usual way. Thereafter you should be able to access Internet services from any of that PC's Internet client applications (such as your web browser, your email handler, simple Internet games, etc).

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