NAT Routers Part 3: "Port Forwarding"

This movie shows you how to configure your NAT router to support server processes so they can be accessed from the Internet.

Would you like to publish information from your own web server? Or would you like to host a game server so that other people could enter an online world that you control? Would you like to host an Internet voice server so friends or family or "clan" members can all join you in interactive communication? Whenever your local network hosts any kind of a server, you will need to configure your local router to permit entry from the worldwide Internet. This 13-minute video uses audio narration and extensive animation to help you visualize and understand the principles quickly as you configure your router for appropriate access.

This movie continues building an excellent foundation and introduction for anybody that wants to know how their Local Area Network works, and for people studying to learn the most basic concepts needed to pass any of these certification exams:


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