Ping, Traceroute, and Network Troubleshooting

Because ethernets and internets are so complicated, very powerful tools have been developed to help network engineers get them working correctly. Home and Small-Office (SOHO) network administrators can take advantage of these tools when things go awry. We have created two movies to document the most basic and most important of these tools, which are known as "Ping" and "TraceRoute", respectively. Both of these tools allow you to use the "Internet Control Message Protocol" (ICMP) to configure a very short, simple message for transmission to some other Internet node, asking it to "bounce" a copy back to you. By measuring the time interval between sending the original message and receiving the reply, "Ping" can give you a quick picture of the overall health of your network connection. By sending a series of "Ping" packets to intervening nodes, "TraceRoute" can reveal considerably more information.

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