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Ethernet Delivers the Internet (continued)


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So, opening up the envelope, we can find out what’s inside. And that reveals that there’s another package inside the first one; another envelope inside the envelope, representing a message inside a message. This time the addressing system is still present, but it’s a little more intimate. It just says, “To Jessica, from Brian.”

Let’s find out what’s inside by opening up this inner envelope.

We find there a CD with a name on it and a description of its contents on the outside. Opening up the CD jewel case will reveal that farther inside is a CD-ROM with additional information on what it contains. Of course, if we insert that CD into a CD player, we’ll get some kind of an index of the songs on it.

As it turns out, we know something that the postman does not know, and that is that Jessica no longer lives here. So, let’s close up the package and insert it back into the inner envelope with the personal address identifying Jessica and Brian, and we’ll need to make a new outer envelope to address it to Jessica’s new, real address. The old envelope is simply discarded.

....There: a moment later, after addressing the new envelope to Jessica’s new address, we’ll re-insert the inner package inside the new envelope, and send it on its way to Jessica’s new address; a message inside a message.

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