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The 7-Layer Vocabulary of Modern Internetworking

ISO / OSI Reference Model

In the movies constituting our Ethernet Video Series, and especially in the Internet movie entitled: “Ethernet Delivers the Internet,” we’ve shown how a message can originate anywhere in the world, can be sliced up and formatted inside IP packets, which can then be encapsulated and removed from various types of framing to traverse the entire world and end up at the doorstep of our local network.

 In a typical home-office or small-office environment, our local DSL modem or cable modem delivers that information to our local router inside an Ethernet frame, on a tiny little subnet managed and owned by our Internet service provider that only knows about one IP address for all of our computers. Other movies published at explain how our small local router asserts the additional intelligence necessary so that our local network can have more IP addresses and send that packet to one computer within our premises.

Experience has shown, however, that just getting the message to the right computer on our network is not sufficiently precise to allow real and useful work.

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