Internet Video Series, Part 1


Episode 10a, Segment 01 of 01

Preview - "Simple Routers for Small Networks. NAT Routers Part 1: Client Firewalls"


This is a 90-second, free preview of the fourth movie in our Internet Series, and - that movie - explains why you should consider purchasing and installing a NAT router for use as a hardware firewall, even if your home has just one computer.

Small routers use "Network Address Translation" (NAT) technology to translate your internal and external IP addresses, hiding the existence of your private IP network from the worldwide Internet. A NAT router will find and translate all of the addresses within all of your message packets to let you access Internet resources, but it prevents Internet computers from accessing you without your permission, and it won't bog down your computer like a software firewall can. This video uses digital movies and animation to help you visualize and understand how your router works, and the simplest way to install it for protection of all of the Internet client processes of a single PC. If you are considering purchase of a small router for use as a hardware firewall, then this video is for you!

Episode 10, Segment 01 of 09