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Preview Simple NAT Routers Part 2: Multiple PCs



Do you need to share a single Internet connection with 2 or more computers? Then you'll need to buy a router, and our 18-minute movie entitled - "Simple NAT Routers Part 2: Multiple PCs" - will make it easy for you!

That movie is the fifth title from our - "Internet Series" - and it explains how your router uses - "Network Address Translation", or - NAT - to share your Internet Service Provider's single Internet connection with two or more computers in your home or small office.

When most Internet Service Providers arrange Internet access, they assign just one Internet Address and assume you will connect just one computer. Like the other movies in our Internet Series, - "NAT Routers Part 2" is narrated in plain English, and it uses digital photos, rendered animations, and text to explain how you can use a low-cost "NAT" router to share that access among several computers in your home or small office.

Don't suffer with the jargon and the instruction manuals that come with routers; download and watch this movie now!


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