Internet Video Series, Part 1


Episode 12, Segment 02 of 11

This movie builds on the concepts discussed in two other movies that are available from They are:

"Simple Routers for Small Networks Part 1: Client Firewalls", (explaining operation of a "NAT" router to protect a single PC),


"Class C Commercial-Grade Internet Services" (explaining extension of IP addressing beyond individual computers to communicate with as many as 130,000 separate processes per computer).

If these concepts are unfamiliar to you, then you should watch those two movies before proceeding.

You may also find it useful to review our movie entitled "Ethernet Delivers the Internet" to become comfortable with the way your ISP encapsulates IP protocol packets inside Ethernet frames for compatibility with your network equipment.

All of these movies introduce the subject of - "routers", with particular attention to the subject of - "network address translation", or - NAT.

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