Internet Video Series, Part 1


Episode 12, Segment 04 of 11

After you install a NAT router as described in the other movies that we've just mentioned, you will probably notice that several Ethernet connections are provided.

Most low-cost NAT routers provide 5 or more RJ45 jacks for ethernet connections. One of these will be labeled - ISP - or - "Wide Area Network" (WAN). That one must be connected to your DSL or cable - "modem". The others expand your Local Area Network (LAN) for your use through a built-in ethernet hub or switch. If your router provides only two RJ45 jacks for ethernet connections, you will have to provide your own hub or switch for expansion.

You can immediately connect your additional computers into these extra ethernet connectors. If you run out of connectors, you can insert additional ethernet hubs or switches as described in other movies from our - "Ethernet" - series.

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