Internet Video Series, Part 2


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NAT Routers Part 3: Port Forwarding

If you've seen the movies entitled - "Simple Routers for Small Networks Part 1: Client Firewalls" - and - "Simple NAT Routers Part 2: Multiple PCs", then you know how a low-cost NAT router protects the computers on your LAN from evil people and evil processes on the worldwide Internet. If you haven't seen those movies yet, then you really ought to view them before proceeding here, because - this - movie builds on - those - concepts.

The essential message of those two movies is just this:

A NAT router doesn't know what to do with incoming communication unless it first learns about processes in your computers that are expecting messages. It simply discards any incoming messages that it isn't expecting.

There are two basic methods through which your NAT router can learn how to handle processes on your network that are expecting messages. In those other two movies, we talked about the way - CLIENT - programs are handled.

In - this - movie we will talk about the ways by which your NAT router learns about - SERVER - processes.

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