Internet Video Series, Part 2


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Of the 4 terms listed above (Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, DMZ, and "Universal Plug and Play"), the first is the most basic, and the last is the most advanced.

In fact, - "Universal Plug and Play" - is - so - advanced, that you probably want to disable it. Unless you disable - "Universal Plug and Play", it tries to completely automate the configuration of your router for server processes on your LAN. Although this may be convenient, it opens up important security weaknesses. Evil - "stinkware" - might use any of your computers to host really nasty servers at your expense if you leave "Universal Plug and Play" active. You may soon find that your computers are sending "Instant Messages" without your knowledge, "hosting" spam servers, broadcasting adware, distributing spyware, and clogging your Internet connection with advertising messages (or worse). Today's implementations of Universal Plug and Play generally do not even allow you to examine the holes that they open through your security. Somebody else could - "own" - your computer's services, and you might never know! Don't go there unless you are very vigorous about monitoring the health of your computers and their network usage!

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