Internet Video Series, Part 2


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Port Triggering

"Port Triggering" is like "Port Forwarding", but it's a little bit smarter and more dynamic. If you manage it properly, it's a little bit more secure.

Instead of leaving the designated ports open all of the time, "Port Triggering" leaves them closed until it sees some kind of related, designated activity on your LAN (indicating that the associated server has actually been started up). The port is then - "Forwarded" - for a period of time. The port remains open for as long as traffic continues to flow. If traffic stops flowing for a period of time, the port is automatically closed, but remains ready for automatic re-opening when related local traffic is seen again. The time value can be configured with your "Port Forwarding" tools. Some routers support Port Triggering and others do not. The documentation accompanying some server programs includes information to help you configure Port Triggering. If you can find the required information and if your router supports "Port Triggering", we recommend that you take advantage of it. Otherwise, use Port Forwarding.

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