Internet Video Series, Part 2


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Configuration Example using Windows XP

Let's use Microsoft's well-known - "Windows XP" - operating system as an example to show how to configure a local, static Internet connection. From the - "Control Panel" - facility, select "Network and Internet Connections". From there, click on "Network Connections". That will result in a frame showing a list of all of your network interfaces:

Click on the icon representing the network interface that you want to configure with an IP address. Usually it will have a name like - "Local Area Connection". (If your computer has only one network interface, then the list will show only that single entry. Double-click on it).

A new frame, named - "Local Area Connection Properties" - will appear as follows:

That frame will be dominated by a list under a title that says "This connection uses the following items". From within that list, double-click on - "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)".

A new frame, named - "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties will appear.

From the prominent - "General" - tab, select -

"Use the following IP address".

Three edit boxes will be activated. To facilitate your entry of appropriate information in the - "dotted decimal" - format discussed earlier, each of these three edit boxes is divided into four segments separated by dots. In each segment, you are expected to enter a number between 0 and 255.

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