Internet Video Series, Part 2


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Click - "OK" - and then close all of the open frames. Your computer is now configured with a static IP address and has been optimized to support advanced services for access by any of the other computers on your local network.

(If you want to make your services available on the worldwide Internet, you will need to use - "Port Forwarding" - as described in our movie entitled "NAT Routers Part 3: Port Forwarding", and you will also need to advertise your Internet address somehow.

You can either pay extra to your Internet Service Provider to purchase a static Internet address, or you can use the - "Dynamic DNS" - service as described in other movies here at


Modern computing equipment can usually be configured to use the IP protocols for Internet access after four items are specified. The necessary information can almost always be obtained through a browser interface into the local NAT router. Although it is possible to allow automated procedures to manage these specifications for us, the resulting IP addresses can change from time to time. Some activities (such as server processes) are better handled when we take direct control and configure at least some of our equipment with more permanent values.

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