Internet Video Series, Part 2


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Dynamic DNS

If your home or small office is accessing the Internet like most others, you have probably purchased low-cost - DSL - or - "Cable Modem" - service from your Internet Service Provider, and the Internet Address that is assigned to your NAT router will probably change from time to time. (Usually this will happen after a few hours of inactivity).

In fact, your own computers are probably assigned a dynamic, local IP address on your private network that also changes from time to time. Most of your computers won't be aware of this and won't be bothered by it. That's because most of the Internet-related activity that's important to typical computer users is based on relatively simple applications that have come to be known as - "Client" - processes.

However, as you gain more experience with the Internet, you may someday want to host one or more - "Server" - processes. Server processes include:

Web Servers,

Print Servers,

File Servers,

Game Servers,

Mail Servers,

Internet Voice Servers,

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