Internet Video Series, Part 2


Episode 17, Segment 03 of 07

You could take any of several approaches to help them. Here are some ideas:

1: You could ask your local router for the current value of your public IP address, and then you could send them an email or an Instant Message or you could call them on the telephone, repeating the process every time your ISP changes your IP address. Or,

2: You could pay a substantial, extra monthly fee to your ISP to induce them to assign a - Static IP address - to your network, which you could publish just once. Or,

3: You could take advantage of the Internet's "Dynamic Domain Name System" - ( DDNS ) - to give your network an unchanging - "domain name" - on the worldwide Internet, which you could then publish just once.

If you're satisfied with either of the first two options, then you should be able to proceed with the information you've already received from the movies previously mentioned. The third of these options is better for most people, so we've chosen that approach as the focal point of this movie.

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