Network Troubleshooting Video Series


Episode 20, Segment 02 of 06

On a computer running Microsoft Windows, ping is best used from a command-line window. (You can always launch a command-line window by clicking on - "Start", - "Run", - and then by typing - "cmd" into the resulting dialog box. When you then click "OK", a big, rectangular, black window will be displayed on your Windows - "desktop", as illustrated here).


When you use - "Ping" - you will command your computer to create a short message and to send it out across your local network toward some other computer, which you will designate via an IP address. If the destination IP address is on some other network (beyond your own LAN), then it will be routed out onto the worldwide Internet through your router or - "Default Gateway" device. Accordingly, your command line must include the IP address of some computer.

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