Network Troubleshooting Video Series


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Traceroute Preview


From time to time you may be unable to communicate with a computer or server on the Internet, or your Internet performance may slow to a crawl. If the problem is not in your own computer or in your own Local Area Network, you will probably need assistance from your Internet Service Provider, and when you ask their Technical Support staff for help, you will get much better care if you are well prepared with relevant information. The - "Traceroute" - utility will provide the additional detail you will need in order to identify connection or performance problems within the equipment provided by your Internet Service Provider, or within other equipment out on the Internet.

An even more powerful testing tool than - "Ping", - TraceRoute - sends a carefully organized series of "Ping" packets to every router along the pathway to a designated Internet destination, revealing and measuring the performance of the entire pathway connecting two computers through the Internet. If your ISP is misbehaving, TraceRoute will reveal the details. This lavishly animated, 9-minute movie shows how TraceRoute works, how to use it, and how to interpret the results

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