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All Internet protocol packets include a provision for - "expiration" - if they spend too much time traveling around the Internet. This provision is useful because it is possible for misconfigured Internet routers to send packets in the wrong direction. When another router sends them back in the - "right" - direction, they can end up bouncing back and forth forever.

For example, suppose we have a single PC that wants to send a - "Ping" - packet to as described in the prior movie on - "Ping".


Furthermore, suppose that one of the routers between our PC and is misconfigured so that it doesn't know where can be found, and it mistakenly sends our packet back in the direction from whence it came.

That packet would end up bouncing back and forth between two routers forever if no special provision had been made.

Accordingly, every Internet packet includes a field named "Time To Live", and each router that forwards a packet always decrements that value.

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