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On a computer running Microsoft's well-known "Windows" operating system, the command is spelled like this:


and you follow it with the Domain Name or IP address of the other computer or router for which you want to discover the route.

Give it a try! You'll probably find that you can ping almost any computer anywhere in the world with about 15 router hops. It's also interesting to note that once your Internet protocol packets make it out of your local network and into your Internet Service Provider, the Internet can generally deliver them anywhere in the world and respond back to you within about 100 milliseconds.

As you exercise ping and traceroute, your understanding of the underpinnings that make the Internet work for you will increase. Armed with the other information available at, you'll be able to understand the - "Big Picture" - of Internetworking, solving your own problems, and helping your employers and friends to troubleshoot their networks.

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