Wireless LANs Video Series


Episode 23, Segment 02 of 06

We also ensured that the laptop's built-in - "Wireless" - interface was activated by pressing - this - button and confirming that the little blue light was glowing:

A few seconds after the usual bootstrap activity had settled down, a little - "popup" - message appeared near the lower right corner of the display, alerting us that one or more wireless network signals was available, but that we were not yet connected. We were prompted to - "right click" - on the tiny icon that looks like a computer radiating radio waves, which popped up a little menu. The most prominent thing on that menu said - "View Available Wireless Networks". We decided to - "left click" - on that.





A new, larger frame (named - "Wireless Network Connection") popped up in the middle of our desktop. It offered several interesting options, but the dominant feature was a list of available wireless access points. Our list had two entries, indicating the presence of two wireless access points within our detection range. Each entry was associated with 4 components as follows:

1: an - "icon" - that looked like a radio antenna,
2: a network name,
3: a description of the associated security features, and
4: a bar graph indicating signal strength.

In our list, both of the detected access points offered very strong signals according to the bar graphs, and both were - "unsecured".

We decided to try the first one in the list, named "Wayport_Access", so we - "left clicked" - on that entry. That portion of the list expanded a bit, and some additional text was displayed, explaining a little bit more about the risks of connecting with an unsecured network. We decided to take the risk, so we left-clicked on the - "Connect" - button in the lower right corner of the frame.

Another, smaller frame popped up with yet another warning about the risks of connecting to an unsecured network. We hadn't changed our minds during the past 2 seconds, and this frame had a button labelled - "Connect Anyway" - so we - "left clicked" - on that.


The little frame's text changed to say - "Please wait while Windows connects to the 'Wayport_Access' network", and an animated sequence showed symbols flying back and forth between two little pictures of computers. Within a couple of seconds we saw a status word change from - "Connecting" - to "Connected".

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