Wireless LANs Video Series


Episode 23, Segment 04 of 06

Sure enough, instead of displaying our usual - "home page", we saw a big screen full of McDonald's logos, ads, and buttons leading to various options oriented toward lovers of their services.


We just wanted to use a regular credit card to buy some Internet time, so we clicked on a button that was labeled - "Login or Buy AT&T Wi-Fi".






An intimidating new web page was displayed, which was dominated by a list of Internet Service Providers, each associated with terms and conditions and with a demand for a username and password. None of that looked like much fun.

To the right of all of that busy text, we saw a large, red, rectangular patch with a McDonald's logo and the text - "Wi-Fi Here". It isn't obvious to the casual observer, but that red patch is actually a - control button - for this web page, and it leads to the credit-card access that we wanted. We - "left clicked" - on it.

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