Wireless LANs Video Series


Episode 23, Segment 05 of 06

A bright new page (in prominent McDonald's colors) was immediately displayed, offering 5 connection payment options. With another - "left-click" - we chose the first option, which was labelled - "Buy a connection with a Credit Card".

The next window was bigger, and we were comforted to observe that a - "Secure" - encrypted connection (using HTTPS) had been negotiated. We used it to fill out the usual information about our credit card. After reviewing the information for accuracy, we left-clicked on the button at the bottom (which was labelled - "Click Here to Continue").

A new page, full of terms and conditions governing Internet access policies, was displayed. We read the text and found it reasonable, so we left-clicked on another button, at the bottom of the page (which was again labelled - "Click here to Continue").

A new frame, labelled - "Microsoft Internet Explorer" - popped up on top of everything else. It was dominated with a single line of text that said - "Please wait while your credit card is being authorized. This process will take 15-45 seconds. You must click OK to continue". We found the - "OK" - button and left-clicked on it.


A few seconds later we were presented with a nice - "Thank You" - note indicating that our credit card had been charged $2.95. That was what we expected, so we scrolled down to the bottom of that note where we saw another grey button labelled - "Click Here To Connect". We assumed that, upon clicking that button, our connection would be expanded beyond the local McDonald's network into the worldwide Internet, so we left-clicked on that button.

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