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Episode 23, Segment 06 of 06

At that point, we were able to use our Internet browser in the usual way. We used our keyboard to enter the URL for - "www.google.com" into the address bar at the upper left of the browser frame, and found that we did indeed have a very good connection, with 2 hours of access time to check email, explore web sites, or make free Voice over IP phone calls.


All in all, it was a good experience, and we plan to be using McDonald's a lot more during our road trips!


Most McDonald's restaurants offer low-cost, high-speed, wireless Internet access. It is easy to bring a modern laptop computer (equipped with a built-in - "Wi-Fi" wireless interface) into McDonald's and detect the presence of any wireless access points. Connection with McDonald's captive network is free of charge and almost completely automated, but the only available services are limited to enhancing your experience with McDonald's.

Negotiating credit card payment for Internet access requires navigating a few simple windows, filling out the customary credit card information into a temporary, encrypted session, and then activating browsers, email clients, or other Internet-oriented applications in the usual way. There are undoubtedly minor variations in different restaurants, but after reviewing the information in this movie, the steps are sufficiently clear and obvious for anybody to get connected!

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