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Adding a Wireless Access Point or - "Wireless Hub" - to a wired Ethernet

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The easiest way to create a wireless network is to add a - "Wireless Access Point" - or - "Wireless Hub" - to an existing, wired Ethernet LAN.

Wired LANs with Internet access are all around us. You may have one in your home or small office. Most modern hotel rooms also have one.

For example, here's a picture of an Ethernet jack built into the base of a lamp in a hotel room.

Like most such LANs, this one has Internet access and supports the well-known "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol" (DHCP).

Here I have a - "Wireless Access Point", which I am going to connect with the LAN. Once it is properly connected, it will allow laptop (or other) computers equipped with a compatible wireless network interface to use it exactly as if were an old-fashioned - "Ethernet Hub" - (except, of course, with no need for the usual Ethernet cables).

In their most basic operational modes (without encryption), Wireless Access Points operate almost exactly like old-fashioned Ethernet Hubs. You can learn a lot more about Ethernet Hubs by watching the AskMisterWizard.com movie entitled "Ethernet Hubs", from our - "Ethernet Series". You can also learn all about DHCP from our "Internet Series" movie entitled "Configuring Your Internet Connection Part 1: The Dynamic Host Control Protocol". If you're not familiar with Ethernet Hubs and DHCP, you should watch those movies before proceeding, because this movie builds on those concepts.

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