Wireless LANs Video Series


Episode 24, Segment 02 of 03

For today's exercise, I have chosen D-Link's "DWL-G730AP" wireless - "Travel Router" - with it's mode switch set to the - "Access Point" - position. It has connectors for an Ethernet cable and for electrical power along the top edge, as seen here. I'm going to connect it with the hotel's Ethernet LAN through this Ethernet cable. I plug one end into the hotel's network, and the other end into the Access Point....

Then I must also connect electrical power, using this small - "wall wart" - power supply module. One end, of course, plugs into a standard electrical outlet, and the other end snaps into the tiny little power connector on the Access Point.

As soon as electrical power is connected, the indicator lights illuminate, flashing in patterns to inform us of LAN and WAN activity.

Congratulations! We've just enhanced a wired Ethernet for wireless access, and we've created a - PUBLIC - wireless network. That is really all we need to do to set up the required hardware!

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