Wireless LANs Video Series


Episode 24, Segment 03 of 03

Any laptop or other computer that's equipped with an industry-standard wireless network interface can now connect with this Wireless Access Point and can then access every service that's available from the wired LAN. If you already know how to access wireless networks, you're now ready to free yourself from those restricting ethernet cables!

(Because we haven't turned on any encryption, - ANYBODY- that's nearby can access this network. You can learn how to use encryption to convert this into a - PRIVATE - network by watching other movies here at AskMisterWizard.com).

If you are not familiar with the process by which your computer finds and connects with Access points through a wireless interface, you can see a fine example, based on a Windows XP laptop accessing a public wireless network at a McDonald's restaurant, by watching the AskMisterWizard.com movie entitled "McWireless: Wireless networking at McDonald's". Of course, different businesses require different payment plans for wireless access, and if you're configuring your own wireless network you won't need the credit-card payment instruction that is necessary at McDonalds, but, armed with the information in this movie and in that one, you'll be ready for anything!

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