Security Tips: All popular routers act as hardware firewalls, and they include many features that will help you configure and secure your network.

Did you know that every consumer-grade router is also a firewall appliance? It's true!

Every popular, consumer-grade router uses "Network Address Translation" to manage a private, protected range of IP addresses for use on your local Ethernet segment. Even if your router isn't described as a "firewall", it's got that capability and, unless it's configured in an odd way, it's protecting your PCs from outsiders that might otherwise be able to "hack" in.

And did you know that once you install one of these routers, you can eliminate all of the "dialing" software that came with your DSL modem? You won't ever need it again, because modern, popular NAT routers all know how to "dial" thru DSL carrier equipment.

Modern, consumer-oriented NAT routers also include several other features that can help simplify your network: