Having trouble connecting your computer with the Internet? Or with the other computers in your local network? When you ask for help, the first question you'll be asked is whether or not you can "ping". Get ready for that question by viewing this 9-minute movie from our comprehensive DVD collection!

When you're not sure whether your computer is able to communicate with others on your LAN or out on the worldwide Internet, you need a simple, reliable way to test your setup. Every popular operating system includes an implementation of the well-known "Ping" utility, with which your computer can send a brief message to another while requesting that the recipient "bounce back" an answer. This movie uses screen capture images and extensive animation to show how "Ping" works, and what it looks like from the inside out. Click below to log in to our storefront, from which you'll be able to immediately download a copy and purchase an inexpensive, lifetime personal license to view it.