This is our free Test Video clip. It lasts 60 seconds, and it includes still images, text of various sizes, and audio narration clips that are typical of our licensed videos.

We publish our video files in several popular formats. Our free Test Video is available in all of the available formats here. Most people with Windows-compatible computers and high-speed Internet connections will probably have the best results with the first of these options, but if you have trouble with that format or if you just want to experiment, click on any of these links to go to the appropriate, free section of our storefront for immediate download access.

  •  Windows Media 500Kbps 3.2 Megabytes
  •  AVI (Microsoft MPEG4 Codec) 2.4 Megabytes
  •  AVI (DiVX Pro5 Codec) 1.6 Megabytes
  •  Apple iPod Video Format (MP4) 3.6 Megabytes
  •  Windows Media 128Kbps 0.7 Megabytes


Click HERE to learn more about Windows Media Video and other types of video compression. Click HERE to learn more about CODECs. Click HERE to learn more about AVI video files. Click HERE to learn more about MP4 files.