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We now use "YouTube" comments, on YouTube and associated with our numerous YouTube movie clips, to host our other forum discussions. We monitor our YouTube comments diligently and you can expect quick responses from us and from our diverse audience.


We've had so many "spammers" posting in our old forums that we have SHUT DOWN new user registration. Everybody can still SEE all of our classic forum info by clicking this link:

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However, if you did not register before June 2012, you won't be able to register or post anything new. If you have information to post in our forums, please post it on YouTube as a comment associated with the corresponding YouTube video clip. We diligently and enthusiastically monitor your YouTube comments and you can expect a lively and timely response there.
We apologize for this inconvenience, but it has proven to be necessary to keep the information in our forums at the very high level that is expected by our sophisticated audience. Thanks!