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Site Map

Our site is organized into several independent, but related, main sections, each with its own independent index. (To search the entire site, use the search tool above.)

Network Troubleshooting When your network bogs down, fails, or becomes infested with stinkware, you'll need to know about "ping", "traceroute", "wireshark" and other basic, popular, powerful tools.

Networking Fundamentals  How the Internet works, and how your own home network or "LAN" works with it. All of the basics are here, and if you need to know the underlying principles, this is the right place to start.

Wireless Networking  The basics of "WiFi" networks: Putting together your own WiFi "Network Operation Center" for your home or small office. The history of WiFi and the basic components you need to get started.

Advanced Networking and Advanced Enterprise Networking Architectures  More advanced WiFi components, and the way they can be interconnected to build a larger, more sophisticated LAN in your home or office. As your network grows, you'll want to refer to these sections frequently.

Security  Nobody likes to think about network or computer security, but everybody needs it! This is the place to learn about Firewalls, Encryption, VPNs, Secure Internet commerce, Viruses, Phishing, Authentication, and safe use of email.

Security Now! Illustrated   The "Security  Now!" podcast  (by Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson) is a well-known resource, worldwide, for people interested in the security and privacy of the things they do on the Internet. We have been given official permission to illustrate these audio podcasts, and they are among our most popular offerings.

LINUX Are you ready to switch from Windows to Linux? Hundreds of people are switching every day, and LINUX is not so difficult any more. In fact, many users find it far easier to install a fresh copy of LINUX than to re-install Windows! This section shows how it's done.

Flight Simulation Computers and networks are not just for serious business. Every day, tens of thousands of enthusiasts simulate flight and air combat over the Internet. Learn all of the basics here!

VOIP (Voice over IP) Your Internet-connected computer can become your telephone, and it can save you a LOT of money!