Setting Up a WiFi LAN the Easy Way, Part 1 of 2: Wired Components

Segment 2 of 6: First Steps with a new ISP

You'll need to select an Internet Service Provider. In most cases, your own neighbors will provide the best information on this subject, because many of them will already have studied the options and can report on their own experiences.

Some neighborhoods are best served by "Cable Internet" service. Some neighborhoods are best served by "DSL" technology. Some have good options from both. Your distance from the nearest telephone switching center will determine which of these two approaches will provide the fastest Internet connection. Most ISPs provide service at several different speeds, but they charge a premium for their fastest offerings.

As you commence with your ISP, they will send you several items. This will generally include  Wireless Residential Gateway equipment packaged into one or more electronic boxes. It will probably also include a booklet and a CDROM or DVDROM with software on it. It may also include a separate sheet revealing a special username and password that you will need at some point during the installation. Unpack everything from your ISP. Spread it all out and take a good look at what you've got.

Choose a convenient location near the middle of your home where you can connect your new WiFi equipment to a nearby Cable TV jack or telephone jack. It's a good idea to choose a location that has a nearby desk or shelf for the associated equipment, and a convenient power outlet with room for a multiple-outlet strip. You may also want to plan some way to conceal the jumble of wires that generally accumulates over time, as your network grows.

The video information below reveals further details of your early experience with your ISP and with the equipment (like DSL Filters) that your ISP should generally provide. If you are already familiar with that information, you can just skip to the next segment by pressing the "NEXT" button below the other links.

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