Setting Up a WiFi LAN the Easy Way, Part 1 of 2: Wired Components

Segment 4 of 6: Switching on your WiFi Equipment for the first time

Your WiFi equipment (Modem, Router, Ethernet Switch, Wireless Access Point, or Wireless Residential Gateway box) will include several indicator lights or "LEDs" that will flash from time to time. During the first few seconds after power-up, they will flash in unique, special patterns as they try to help you understand the details of the startup process. If you are having problems, it can be very helpful to understand how to interpret these lights.

The video information below explains the way most equipment manufacturers use those LEDs to help you get everything started, and to help you monitor activity. If you already know what those little flashing lights mean, then you can skip to the next section by clicking on the "NEXT" button below these links:

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