Setting Up a WiFi LAN the Easy Way, Part 1 of 2: Wired Components

Segment 5 of 6: Configuring All of your WiFi equipment and PCs to communicate on the same IP subnet

The early stages of WiFi setup require communication from a convenient, hardwired PC directly to your WiFi Router, Wireless Access Point, Modem, and/or Wireless Residential Gateway. Sometimes all of this equipment automatically configures itself with appropriate IP addresses, but it's commonplace to have trouble at this point. The only method that ALWAYS works is to manually configure your PC with a static IP address from the same IP subnet that your WiFi equipment uses by default. Once you've done that, you can use your browser to make changes in that WiFi equipment. If necessary, you can force all of your equipment to use a single IP subnet of your choosing.

The video information below reveals exactly how to determine which IP subnets are in use, and how to change the IP address of your PC to match, so that you can begin to communicate. If you have already been successful with automatic IP address configuration so that your PC's browser can speak with your WiFi equipment, then you can skip this segment by clicking on the "NEXT" button beneath these links:

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