Setting Up a WiFi LAN the Easy Way, Part 1 of 2: Wired Components

Segment 6 of 6: Configuring All of your WiFi equipment to grant sensible, responsible Internet Access to one or more PCs that are "hardwired" with Ethernet cables

Once you have a hardwired PC that can use a browser to communicate with all of your Residential Gateway equipment, you'll be offered administrative menus that will let you make a lot of changes. You'll use those menu choices to set up appropriate Internet access thru your ISP. You'll also use those menus to change the administrative passwords of all of your equipment so that they will no longer respond to the old passwords that are published by their manufacturers. If your WiFi equipment is packaged into two or more separate boxes, you may need to set them all up, helping them to "find" one another within your single IP subnet, and changing all of their passwords to your own, private values.

This sixth segment of video information completes Part 1 of 2 of this series, and by the time you get to this point you should know how to get all of your "wired" infrastructure in place and working appropriately.

All of this must be completed before any "wireless" connections can be attempted.

Part 2 of this "Setting Up a WiFi LAN the Easy Way" series is intended to reveal the principles and details that you'll need for the equipment and connections that will remain truly wireless. Pay special attention to the issues of WiFi security and encryption; it's important!

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