Wireless Networking Videos on DVD-ROM, Volume 1


WiFi Compendium 2010

Volume 1 of our series includes 20 video chapters totaling more than 1.5 hours of high quality video instruction. Focusing on today's modern WiFi networks, it includes everything you need to know to create, improve, or manage your home or small office WiFi network. Many people pay thousands of dollars to get this information at networking camps, seminars, and conferences. You can have it ALL, and you can learn faster than anybody else, with this fantastic set of movies on DVD.  All of the basics are covered here. Makes an ideal gift for the student or technologist in your family!

These videos will make you THE WiFi EXPERT in your office, dorm, or neighborhood, and will protect you from the abuse or stupidity of others. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! 

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Here's a list of the individual video clips as organized on the DVD-ROM

Wireless Networking Introduction Series

Setting Up A WiFi LAN The Easy Way Series

The two videos in this series are very popular, consisting of colorful, clear animations illustrating construction, configuration, and use of a typical, modern WiFi LAN. Many people tell us these are their favorites from among all of our WiFi offerings.

An Introduction to Wireshark

"Wireshark" is a very sophisticated, free software tool for your PC, laptop, or LINUX machine that will allow you to examine all of the traffic traversing your Ethernet LAN. If people are abusing your network or accessing the forbidden fruits of the Internet, you can see EXACTLY what they're up to with Wireshark. We've included video clips that will have you running with the basics of Wireshark in about an hour. Note that Wireshark is oriented toward WIRED Ethernet. Although it can monitor SOME WiFi activity, there are important restrictions unless you buy an extra (and expensive) special WiFi adapter. However, using the information in the clips on this DVDROM, it is usually easy to modify the "wired" portions of your WiFi setup for powerful Wireshark compatibility and full monitoring.


Are My Neighbors Stealing WiFi Access Series

Experts estimate that hundreds of thousands of WiFi systems are providing "free WiFi" services to neighbors without knowing it. Are your neighbors stealing free WiFi from your connection? This section explores that possibility, and helps you make the determination.