Wireless Networking Videos on DVD, Volume 2


WiFi Infrastructures: What to buy, and how to hook it up

Volume 2 of our series includes 23 video chapters totaling more than 1.5 hours of high quality video instruction. Focusing on the modern WiFi equipment that you'll find offered for sale at high-technology retailers, all of the video clips in this series are animated in full color, and each explains, in great detail, the function and "hookup" concepts used by every popular type of WiFi equipment and the "wired" equipment used to support it.


The series starts with a detailed examination of the wired infrastructure forming the basis of a modern, wireless LAN. After laying that important foundation, more advanced concepts are shown, step-by-step, as wireless components are added and explained.


The last, large group of video clips concentrate entirely on WiFi equipment, showing exactly what to buy and how to hook it up to create a modern, Wireless equipment that almost completely eliminates the need for wires! Particular detail is given to the following popular types of WiFi equipment:


Makes an ideal gift for the student or technologist in your family!

These videos will make you THE WiFi EXPERT in your office, dorm, or neighborhood, and will protect you from the abuse or stupidity of others. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! 

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