Combining or "Daisy-Chaining" - Multiple Devices, Part 2

It is even commonplace to double-up some of those functions in the chain, like this:
WiFi Distribution Equipment in 2 Boxes, Option 2

Modem, Router, Ethernet Switch
2- Router, Ethernet Switch, Wireless Access Point

In this two-box case, TWO distinct, new subnets are created, and one is logically closer to the Internet than the other. The innermost new subnet, closer to the Internet, has wired access only, while the outer subnet has both wired access (through the Ethernet Switch in the second box) and WiFi Access. Managing two distinct IP subnets creates some interesting security implications: Internet traffic from BOTH subnets flows through the innermost one, and it can all be monitored by sophisticated technicians attached to that innermost LAN. The outermost LAN, however, never sees Internet traffic to or from the innermost LAN (but both segments can see any traffic exchanged between the Inner LAN and the outer LAN). You can learn a lot more about subnets and routers from the video clips in our Networking Fundamentals section.

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