LAC Advanced Flight Training

YouTube video clips for players that have completed their basic flight training. The first video clip shows you how to "zoom" your views in and out, based on our standard keyboard layout. (Those substituting a "laptop-style" keyboard should take a look at FAQ #52 from our "Frequently Asked Questions" page HERE for further help on this subject.)

Other clips teach you about LAC's very important "TARGET" concept, traffic monitoring, aerial gunnery, bombing, bomber intercepts, and accelerating repair of your airfields after they are damaged. Two more clips then narrate your first combat flight as a graduating "cadet" under the close guidance of a protective flight leader. The last set of clips build on the concepts from their predecessors to lead you through increasingly useful, increasingly advanced and increasingly updated tools and tactics.

If you haven't already seen segments 4 and 6 from our 7-segment review of Linux Air Combat V7.92, you will find them both helpful as you study advanced combat. Segment four reviews LAC's three  primary, "classic", online, multiplayer missions, and segment six goes deeper into seven different types of tactics you can use in any mission. Here are those two video clips: